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  • Where is Nomadville?
    We are a tribe of like-minded nomad families and discover a new, breathtaking destination every quarter, i.e. 4 times per year. Our approach allows nomad kids to experience a variety of cultures, languages, people, and ideas as they build a strong academic foundation and mature into global citizens - and all this together with their friends!
  • Is this a for-profit business?
    Nomadville is a nomad community for traveling families with its own travel school. We are a nonprofit organization! As a matter of course, the cost of services/ products we provide and the salaries of our staff members need to be covered. That's why there is a price related to Nomadville membership and school attendance. Pricing is set at a need-basis. Price fairness and cost transparency is maintained so that our tribe members know what the financial resources are being used for. We are not resellers and do not make profit of third party services/ products such as accommodation, coworking spaces, recreational activities, housecleaning, babysitting etc. Any discounts, group rebates or other benefits are directly transferred to the group.
  • Who should apply?
    Nomadville is a turnkey solution for location-independent families that love to travel, seek strong social bonds and are ready to invest in a progressive, future-oriented education system for their kids. The typical member family of the Nomadville tribe is location-independent, have one or two parents working remotely, kids in school age or younger and a strong passion for travel and community life. Nomadville members come from all different profiles, nationalities, backgrounds, industries and seniorities. Online entrepreneurs, cryptocurrency experts, developers, bloggers, designers, coaches, therapists, marketers or artists may add to the diversity of work spheres in our tribe and are as welcome as those who choose to full-time parent or don't need to work at all. Nomadville families must share our community values and agree with our travel destination criteria. Also, we expect that families have at least one kid enrolled in our Nomadville International School program. We are not "unschoolers" instead we believe in a stimulating and meaningful curriculum to shape learners that have the cognitive and social-emotional skills to thrive in a dynamic world with all its complexities. If unschooling is what you are looking for as an education concept, then Nomadville is not your solution. We value community and strong social circles. Community brings a sense of togetherness and mutual support with it, and at the same time give-and-take. We believe that our travel schedules (8 weeks on location + 4 weeks break) are a great mix of being part of a social tribe and yet leaving enough space for yourself.
  • Is this a co-living for nomad families?
    This is not a co-living for nomad families per se. We appreciate that every family has its own lodging preferences. Co-living could be an option for those Nomadville families that prefer this kind of accommodation. We happily coordinate the interests of the tribe and assist with the organization. However you are free to select the type, style and budget of accommodation yourself. We encourage all Nomadville families to stay within a close proximity to our Nomadville Hub, preferably walking distance. As an organization we coordinate and agree on best offers with local service providers, e.g. cleaning staff. You are completely free to use such services at your own account and expenses, if you think it is helpful. Or not. You decide.
  • Is it mandatory to take part in community programs and events?
    No, clearly not. There is no formal obligation to partake in our community programs and activities. We understand that we all have to hold up with our own obligations and responsibilities and that some activities or events meet your interest more than others. However, we believe in a genuine commitment. Families must see value in being part of a social tribe and be ready to contribute to that tribe. Nomadville members enjoy being part of a like-minded community, instead of being alone, and seek social bonds. Of course being part of a tribe does not mean you hang out together 24/7. On the contrary, we believe in creating quality experiences, having a meaningful time together, whilst also giving each and every body the discretion to have as much alone-time as desired.
  • Can I co-create community programs and events?
    Yes, we highly encourage our community members to be active co-creators of our activities and programs. We at Nomadville happily coordinate the interests and ideas of our tribe members and help channel them into fun-filled, meaningful experiences for the tribe. We actively seek feedback and input of our member families to stay informed of their interests and preferences. Nomadville will also provide the infrastructure and communication channels to facilitate and encourage the participation of community members in our program design.
  • Where can parents work?
    For each location Nomadville coordinates the best co-working options taking into consideration: high speed internet pricing and equipment attractive sight, easy commute healthy snacks and artisan coffee ​​ As a parent you are free to select what fits your own style and comfort. Working from home, at the beach, alone or with others, using a co-working space or a work desk in our Nomadville Hub - you choose! And the best is: while kids are enjoying a fulfilling school adventure you can actually get work done. The Nomadville Hub can also be used by parents as a coworking space including the usage of community equipment such as printers (fair use) etc. Depending on the size and layout of the Nomadville Hub in a specific location though, it might be exclusively dedicated to education purposes of the Learning Hub for a part of the day.
  • Are the destinations for the next season fixed?
    Nomadville has a fixed itinerary of 4 destinations per year where the tribe comes together for 8-9 weeks experiences at a time. We scout the travel destinations according to defined criteria and match them to the best possible extent to our community values. Our itinerary is defined rolling forward for one travel year, i.e. 12 months and typically comprises 4 unique destinations. So that when families join the tribe they know exactly what to expect during the next year. En route we might refine our travel plans, taking into consideration latest political developments, entry restrictions and local regulations. Things can change unexpectedly, so we always maintain a working list of alternatives.
  • How does Nomadville choose the itinerary?
    As a slow-traveling tribe deep immersion into local culture and true connection to our host country is very important to us. To make the Nomadville journey as meaningful and authentic as possible we link our stays to locally adapted themes stimulating deep learning and personal growth. This could be anything like learning about the world of Pharaohs when walking through the pyramids of Giza or understanding world economy when in China. We like to be as transparent as possible about how destinations are selected and have defined a list of criteria that we take into consideration, when curating our travel destinations: No Covid-19-related or similar restrictions Warm climate, preferably beach access Fast and reliable internet connection Cost-efficient itinerary, reasonable eco-footprint Attractive natural and cultural sights Family oriented, convenient and secure Vicinity to nature, animals, organic farming Legitimacy of travel/ home-schooling Advantageous Visa situation
  • How does a quarter at Nomadville work?
    Every 8-9 weeks of tribe experience 'on location' are followed by a ~one month break. We truly believe in the togetherness of the tribe, but we also want to give room for individual travel plans, personal bucket lists, other family obligations etc. During the hub break families are welcome to stay and further discover the previous location, travel back "home", explore nearby destinations etc. Also, member families and the Nomadville team need time to transition to the next hub location and set up everything, before we all get together again at the agreed date in a new, exciting spot. Meeting your folks again, feels like coming HOME. During the hub breaks the school switches into an online mode. Students will have access to the learning platform and are able to continue working towards their curriculum within the virtual classroom. Parents will also benefit from our online platform, community network and resources during this time.
  • What happens if unexpected developments occur in a target country?
    The "pandemic times" have shaken the travel industry more than anything before and that has especially affected us as nomads. Nomadville is a ship that is navigating a highly volatile terrain. We are determined to master this challenging endeavor with strong management skills and experienced decision making. We promise to stretch ourselves and grow beyond our limits finding solutions that support the freedom and integrity of our community. Our leadership team stands for agility, warmheartedness and cool-headedness, as there is always so much unforeseen that inevitably comes with traveling the world. However, there are things that are absolutely beyond our control, such as governmental regulations or political disruptions. We are constantly monitoring local and global developments and always maintain a working list of alternatives should something unexpected pop up. We will keep our community in the know and communicate as early as possible in case that adjustments will be required. For this reason all travel destinations, itinerary planning and organizational structure is subject to change - if and where required. We expect openness and the necessary level of flexibility and understanding from member families,
  • How is traveling to destinations organized?
    Nomadville assists the tribe by providing valuable information resources and general organizational infrastructure to move to the next location. Eventually, all families have the discretion to make travel arrangements, bookings and Visa applications individually and according to their own preferences and circumstances. We are not a travel agency. Instead our tribe meets on defined locations at the agreed dates for a shared mission, but we keep our individual identity at the same time.
  • Will kids have the same teachers and classmates in every location?
    Yes, this is absolutely the idea behind Nomadville education. We take community and school around the world. Students will become accustomed to a steady group of learners and educators, as well as learning methods and routines, while changing locations as a tribe. This way we ensure a seamless and consistent learning journey for each student working towards a 21st century curriculum.
  • How many spots do we have in school?
    Currently the maximum capacity of Nomadville are 24 elementary school spots and 10 kindergarten spots. We aim for a max. teacher-student ratio of 1:6 in elementary school and 1:5 in kindergarten. Based on the demand and growth of the tribe we will be in a position to scale the availability of spots.
  • Where does education take place?
    The whole world is our classroom. We can learn about nature in the rain forest, history in a museum and geometry inside a pyramid, but on most days we do spend time in our dedicated Nomadville Hub as well.
  • What is the school language?
    Nomadville is an international English-speaking Learning Hub. Depending on the demand we offer additional native language training in the afternoon to best meet the starting points and learning interests of our students. It is not required for kids to be fluent in English when joining the school. Together we learn the world languages English, Spanish, French, Chinese and Arabic. We will of course try to adapt the language art scheme to our location, i.e. learning Spanish while in Central America or learning Arabic while in North Africa etc.
  • What are the school hours
    We work with a biorhythm adapted schedule based on recent research. Our school hours are 09:00 am to 03:00 pm. There is of course flexibility to drop-off and pick-up kids at different times, provided that this does not create disturbances for the group.
  • What is the class size?
    We aim at a class size of maximum 6 students. The teacher-student-ratio at Nomadville is at maximum 1:6. Working in small group sizes allows us to flexibly allocate time and attention where it is needed, empower students through self-belief and encourage participation. It gives us the opportunity to monitor the progress of each learner individually and help kids develop at their own pace. The intimate environment of a small learning group is also great for building teamwork skills. A small, tight knit team working towards a problem or project allows students to be active, bringing both educational and social progress forward at the same time.
  • Are the educators certified?
    Teachers at Nomadville are required to have an academic degree in Education with a valid teaching certificate/ license and at least 4 years of classroom teaching experience.
  • Is Nomadville an accredited school?
    While accreditation is something that we might be looking into in the future, it is not in our priorities at the moment. We are in a position to certify attendance at our school, however can not be helpful with meeting requirements of compulsory education, if this is something that your country of residency foresees.
  • Is presence at school obligatory?
    There is of course no compulsory attendance at the Nomadville Learning Hub. Our aim is to create the school environment where a child CRAVES to attend and parents are happy to send their kids every single day, and not to impose attendance by obligation. The success of every learner's educational journey and in the end the success of the overall school concept strongly relies on the commitment of our tribe members. Therefore, in general the expectation is that to the best possible extent attendance at school is rendered possible by parents. Most importantly this means that families are committed to the overall itinerary and schedule. In order to enable this in the most convenient and flexible way our itinerary and schedule have foreseen many options for personal travel, trips etc. When transitioning between locations we give a total time of 4 weeks from the moment that school operation ends in one location to the beginning of school operations again in the new location. This gives a lot of opportunities to integrate personal plans or preferences into the overall journey. We understand that opportunities come along our way and you might want to take this long-weekend trip to explore something extraordinary. This is something that we consider a beautiful supplement to our education program. We ask parents to announce any planned absences at the earliest possible time, so that we can plan our school capacities and activities accordingly.
  • Will I get a certificate of school attendance for my child?
    Yes. Nomadville will provide you with a certificate of attendance for every quarter that your child is with us.
  • Is there any placement test at the beginning?
    As part of our on-boarding procedures for member families, the Nomadville class teacher will have a conversation with the parents of each student in order to discuss the current stage of the personal learning path, achievements, difficulties, experiences made, special interests and talents. The purpose of this assessment is to help determine the academic starting point and language proficiency of the child and give orientation in terms of school capacities, team formation and organization. This is NOT an entrance exam. It is very important to be open and honest about the development of your child, only then we can deliver the best learning experience to each child as an individual. Afterwards the teacher will also e-meet the student personally in order get to know each other and start building a relationship.
  • Are there tests and report cards?
    We believe standardized grades are not an adequate form of feedback as they do not explain what students have learned, what they were struggling with, or what they excelled at. Grades create a risk-averse behavior, constrict collaboration and seed a fear to fail. We at Nomadville advocate for an educational model that’s a safe haven for failure, taking risks and continuous self-improvement. Thus, we refrain from applying a traditional standardized grading system. ​ Instead we value every learner as an individual, monitor and document the personal learning journey from a holistic point of view, communicate detailed and constructive feedback about achievements, strengths and areas for development. As partners in learning we celebrate success together, and close gaps together with respect and appreciation. Through our digital platform and regular feedback rounds parents stay informed about their children's progress at any time. We believe motivation and ambition are the best drivers for excellence and we support students on their mission to achieve this. Working towards a goal with passion, dedication and resilience is an inherent part of our education. This includes continuous monitoring of the progress and achievements. Kids are actively involved and encouraged in this process, i.e. perform self-evaluation and checking in with personal goals to become confident self-improvers. While collaboration and team work is at the core of our education we also believe in healthy competition. Healthy competition isn’t about beating everyone else and coming first. In fact, children must learn that life is full of ups and downs, and that sometimes we are bound to fail at something we really wanted to do. However, the key is to never give up and start over yet again. Teaching children the benefits of healthy competition entails shifting the focus from being better than everyone else to improving oneself. Being a better version of yourself is the underlying message. In the spirit of being competitive, children can easily start criticizing their peers and comparing themselves to others. These practices can be unhealthy, which is why it is important to teach children the virtues of improving themselves rather than putting others down. Another benefit of nurturing the idea of healthy competition in children is that it helps build a sense of discipline, where working to improve oneself, over a period of time and with rigor, becomes the primary goal.
  • Is there homework at Nomadville International School?
    On a regular school day there won't be any homework after school. We believe there are more important things for kids to do, e.g. play and fun with family and friends or sitting down together for a relaxed dinner. We will always aim at delivering academic concepts during school hours and this includes repetition and practice as well. However, under specific circumstances and in agreement with parents our teachers might assign additional exercises to a student in order to address the personal situation and learning progress, e.g. unplanned extended absence from school etc. where the individual requirements would exceed our capacities for addressing them within classroom.
  • What kind of meals do we provide at school?
    We understand that nutrition is as important for the brain as it is for the body. A well-fed brain leads to better self-regulation, focus and learning. A healthy, balanced diet will ensure students can be more engaged and present during the day. All meals and snacks are freshly prepared and of the best quality to provide the necessary nutrients for a growing child. To the extent possible, we make sure that meals and snacks served are locally sourced and organic. Our meal plan provides a morning snack, hot lunch and an afternoon snack. No, we are no food extremists, not strict vegans and not strict vegetarians either. In fact we believe in a healthy, fresh and balanced diet, mainly eliminating processed foods. Education about food and its effect on the body is part of our Enrichment Programs. Other than that we believe it should be at each family's discretion to make choices about their nutrition schemes. If there is anything you want us to take into consideration when preparing meals for your kids, please let us know.
  • Are there any medical requirements or prerequisites to attending school?
    We believe that the children's physical health and the medical status is a core element of parental care and belongs into the hands of parents and medical experts only, not into school. We do not and will never require any vaccinations, medical tests or other invasive procedures in order to enter our education system or enter classrooms. When joining Nomadville, we do request parents to provide any critical health-related information and underlying conditions about their kids, e.g. food allergies etc., so that our educators and staff members can properly address these circumstances and be informed about necessary protocols in case of emergencies. Of course, we fully comply with the confidentiality of personal information, including medical records. The same applies of course to our staff members and partners we collaborate with. Vaccination or other invasive health protocols will not be a pre-requisite for working with us.
  • How about masks, tests, social distancing at school?
    We do not support any distressing measures such as face masks, medical tests or social distancing rules that prevent our students from a carefree, positive and genuinely open and stimulating learning experience. Neither kids, nor educators are required to wear face masks and we do not impose any social distancing rules or methods/ devices to support those. If you think that this isn't the best way to go about it, then probably Nomadville isn't the right solution for you and your family. Of course we are bound to governmental regulations when it comes to any measures that restrict personal freedoms or impose specific behaviors in public space. This is why the selection of travel destinations plays an enormous role in first place.
  • How do we address religion in school?
    To exclude the study of religion from history would be disingenuous at best and at worst leave a learner with an incomplete education. Our goal is to keep the study of religion academic. We will study its influences, myths, and practices where it applies to culture. We will not posit religion or religious myths as facts. We discuss our personal thoughts and instill that we respect each person’s right to hold their own belief system as long as those beliefs do not impose harm upon others.
  • Can you become Nomadville members without enrolling a kid in school?
    Nomadville is centered around family travel life, and especially the desire for quality education and social community for nomad kids. Our expectation is that each member family has at least one kid enrolled in our educational programs, i.e. Kindergarten or Elementary School.

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