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Nomadville co-working space for parents


Because we do better


we travel together

nomading together means more fun
Community hub for nomad families

The Nomadville Hub

At each destination we set up our Nomadville Hub for the time of our stay - a warm and welcoming place for our tribe to learn, work and have fun together. We preferably select premises with large outdoor areas, garden and/or pool. The exact layout and design will be adapted to the local conditions, lifestyle and ecosystem of our host country.

The building serves as education center for our nomad kids and is also used as community hub and co-working space for our tribe. Here we enjoy relaxed hangouts, meetups or play dates, organize events, workshops, sport sessions, garden BBQs, pool parties and much more for the whole family!

The Nomadville Hub is the place, where we get together and connect as a tribe, no matter where we are in the world!





At Nomadville we appreciate that every family has own lodging preferences. While one family really loves co-living, the other prefers its own space. Large or cozy, modern or rustic. Simple or luxurious. Each to their own.


Nomadville happily assists the tribe by coordinating housing options, while final bookings are made by each family according to their own taste and budget.

We highly encourage all families to stay within close proximity to our local Nomadville Hub. This eases the commute and supports our mission of connectivity and belonging.

We scout the best local service providers for a worry-free stay, e.g. housecleaning, cooking or other support services and negotiate special offers. Nomadville members are free to directly book any services as per their own requirements.

Nomad mom working remotely while kids play and learn


Nomadville parents are a blend of location-independent professionals coming from all different backgrounds, industries and seniorities.

A smooth transition into a productive work mode
is key for working parents at every destination to keep the work-play balance in check and hold up with daily routines and responsibilities.

For each location Nomadville coordinates the best co-working options taking into consideration:

  • high speed internet

  • pricing and equipment

  • easy commute

  • healthy snacks and artisan coffee

As a  parent you select what fits your own style and comfort. Working from your Airbnb, at the beach, alone or with others, using a co-working space or a desk at the Nomadville Hub - it's up to you! While kids enjoy a great time at school you can actually get work done!


A progressive education is the core critical foundation to develop cognitive and social-emotional skills. Nomadville offers a unique education concept, where a cutting-edge curriculum meets location-independence.


Nomadville takes school around the world. Your kids will grow and learn within the same group of friends and educators, following a consistent learning journey while discovering different countries.

We take the best elements from the world's leading learning practices and build a forward-thinking education system that is driven by holistic well-being, critical thinking, innovation, and growth.

Our mission is to help nomad kids develop into confident world citizens being able to succeed in all of life’s complexities with adaptability, creativity, and emotional balance.


Nomadville students will be prepared to thrive in a rapidly changing and increasingly interconnected world.



Recreation at Nomadville means endless fun for the whole family and making memories for a lifetime. Recharge your batteries, learn new skills, have a meaningful discussion, be inspired, share parenting experiences and fill your heart with good vibes from good people!

The most powerful driver of connection and
belonging are shared experiences.


For each location Nomadville creates a curated and locally adapted program of socializing, fun, sports, well-being and cultural activities. We put together the coolest things to do, cooperate with local providers, negotiate group discounts and coordinate the interests of our members.

Exploring the charm and beauty of the local culture, its richness in food, nature and ecosystem plays a big role when planning activities, as we want to immerse into our host countries with all our senses.

Of course all Nomadville activities are completely voluntary. You decide what best suits into your days and how much or how little you want to do.  But we are sure, you won't want to miss a thing!

App for nomad families to join events and activities Logo Rainbow 0.13.png

Today 1 event


Barbecue Party

Nomad families community events and activities


  • Arrival & departure parties

  • Day trips to natural and cultural sights

  • Workshops to learn about and from locals

  • Community brunch / BBQ

  • Entrepreneurship masterminds

  • Garden hangouts & pool parties

  • Beach & playground meetups

  • Support of local community projects

  • Baby & toddler group

  • Yoga, workout, meditation, running, hiking

  • Fireside chats & master classes

  • Surf camp, soccer & basketball matches 

  • Kids art exhibitions and school performances

Traveling family life with Nomadville


Every morning families start together in an adventurous day. The private accommodations are  in walk-able distance to our Nomadville Hub, so that after a short walk, children are dropped off at the Nomadville Hub to meet their friends and educators.


Kids enjoy an exciting day at school, including structured learning, project work, hands-on activities, sports, play, nature time, arts and most importantly - endless fun!

Adults spend the day working on their business responsibilities and/or enjoying other activities such as sports, sightseeing, learning, socializing,  etc. - either alone or with other tribe members. Your call!

Nomadville families meet again in the afternoon so there is still plenty of time to explore and enjoy the rest of the day within the family, by joining a Nomadville activity or by hooking up with other Nomadville members. 

Community Values


Family Bond

Traveling together as a family creates unique shared memories and gives the opportunity to be present in each other's life.

Growth Mindset

We believe we can improve through continuous effort and practice and aim to become a better version of ourselve every day - as individuals and as a community.

Team Spirit

Being connected with like-minded families and valuing a thriving social community, where we support and inspire each other. We are the village.


A healthy lifestyle is the foundation for physical & mental well-being. We aim at maintaining healthy habits, keeping mind and body fit, practicing mindfulness and connecting socially.


We stand for body sovereignty and freedom of choice, a liberterian world view, freedom of thoughts & speech and no cancel-culture.


Open to all kinds of profiles, nationalities, backgrounds, seniorities and family models. Seeking a well balanced, stimulating diversity.


Open and kind-hearted people, being their true self, spreading good vibes, happiness, empathy and gratitude


We are forward-thinking, progress-loving and embrace change. We dare to challenge conventional thoughts, show courage, act fast, take risks and make mistakes.

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