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Little globetrotters learning while traveling


Nomadville Learning Hub

We educate minds & hearts of nomad kids.

Nomadville offers high quality education for little globetrotters.

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We create the change-makers of tomorrow

Premium education and strong social bonds while exploring the world

The Nomadville Learning Hub travels along with the kids - a classroom with no borders!


Students grow together in a steady group of learners and educators, and become accustomed to our unique learning methods and routines, while changing locations as a tribe. This way we ensure a seamless and consistent learning journey for each student working towards a 21st century curriculum.

Through exploration of the host country and real-world projects the kids apply learning from academic subjects to the world around them and increase their learning potential. We set our focus on the overall well-being of our students and an education concept that involves cognitive and social-emotional learning. 

Life at the Nomadville Learning Hub is distinguished by a culture of connectivity and cooperation. Kids can count on being part of a close-knit community, developing friendship connections as they explore the world and learn together, creating their very own traditions and making memories that last for a lifetime.

Project-based learning creates the change-makers of tomorrow
Our Learning Pillars

Our Learning Fundamentals

Empower kids and prepare them for a dynamic future


Nomadville students gain competence in core tools such as language and mathematics, working towards a modern

 curriculum and using a variety of fun-filled offline and online experiences. Students are supported by our certified teachers and progress at their individual pace.

Personal development

Personal development strategies are a core element of our education. With the help of educators  our students develop plans based on their own interests, talents and skills and work towards those. This allows them to grow into self-directed life-long learners.

Social-emotional learning

We empower students to comprehend & manage emotions so they can channel them into self-awareness and self-management and build decision-making and resilience skills. This is how they ultimately become the leaders of tomorrow.


School is a happy place for every child and a space where students feel physically and emotionally safe. Most importantly, we ensure that kindness, respect and empathy are the center of everything we do. We help each other, are patient and listen actively.

Project-based learning

We use an interdisciplinary, contextualized approach, in which students actively explore real-life problems and acquire deep knowledge and skills through 'learning-by-doing' and reflecting on the experience they have made

Entrepreneurial mindset

Nomadville students recognize problems as opportunities to create solutions. We empower children to take initiative and ownership for themselves and others, while working through challenges and inspiring people around them.

Future readiness

Students are prepared to thrive in a rapidly changing and increasingly interconnected world through adaptability, innovation, emotional balance and critical thinking. Their broad competencies help them grow to become international-minded, compassionate leaders.

Community Service

Students participate in local projects supporting the community and environment of our host country. This is how we teach to make an impact on the world, give-back and leave a positive footprint.

innovative education using technolgy
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Our Approach

The Nomadville Learning Hub uses a competency-based approach to build the skills needed to thrive in a dynamic world. 


We follow the kids' natural curiosity and thirst to explore, find out and learn. By providing impulses, modern methodologies and a stimulating learning environment our students acquire the cognitive and social-emotional skills to live fulfilling lives beyond geographical borders.

Educational Values

Nomadville educational values






Kids learn better when they have a community to belong to. A trusted relationship of teachers and students creates the space for development, collaboration and cooperation. 


Kids need to make their own decisions, develop independence and take responsibility. We provide a safe environment where they feel valued, cared for and respected.


We recognize problems as opportunities. encourage unconventional thought, develop research skills, build upon prior knowledge, think forward and embrace change. 


Kids learn to bring a gentle and accepting approach to all situations. They are present in the moment, engaged and able to learn and interact with others. The benefits include an increased focus & self-control, improved academic performance, and overall happiness.

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Eductional values
self-directed life-long learner taking ownership of education

A goal without a plan is only a dream.

Structure meets freedom

The early years of education are a core critical period to develop learning techniques, self-discipline and resilience. These competencies will help kids become confident and happy life-long learners and succeed in any field or engagement they will choose in life - from dancer to astrophysicist. 

Too much openness in the education process often leads to disorientation, lack of focus and motivation and can be just as counterproductive as too rigid structure.

We work with a game-changing curriculum to define the framework of our education and to ensure that our activities are coordinated and aligned with our goals. Our curriculum is considered an inspiring 'learning agreement' between teachers and students. Through active co-decision-making and co-creation kids gain ownership over their education process. While we refrain from a traditional standardized grading system, we monitor the progress of each learner individually, give feedback, celebrate accomplishments, facilitate strengths and talents and close any gaps in a stress-free way.

Our Curriculum

Unlocking potential through meaningful and fun learning experiences

collaboration and cooperation of learners


Literacy, Mathematics, Science

Kids need to master the fundamental concepts of literacy, mathematics and science so that they are able to gain understanding of the world and process the information that their ecosystem holds ready for them. If you want to change the world, you have to understand it first and learn how to use its tools! We work with certified teachers and innovative learning methods to develop a solid foundation of academic concepts.

Kids progress in their own pace and we attach great importance to their needs for a sparking learning environment. Our individualized approach and small group sizes ensure that students master a concept before moving on.

Kids learning important life skills


Shaping interests, skills and talents

A powerful skill set is nurtured through diversified and impactful learning experiences. Enrichment Programs are a signature of education at Nomadville and help shaping future-ready world citizens with broad capabilities, interests and skills. Enrichment Programs entail a variety of life areas - from music to arts, technology, sports, nature or entrepreneurship and are delivered through projects, workshops, recurring or one-time activities.


Our teachers and expert educators support each learner at their starting point and talents. Whilst having basic exposure to all life domains, kids become active co-creators of their own curriculum by choosing one in-depth elective every trimester and defining their personal development goal. Teachers are partners in achieving these goals and support each learner all the way to success,

Enrichment Programs

Shaping versatile personalities, well equipped to build a bright future

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cultural immersion of traveling kids

Cultural Immersion

Arts and crafting for traveling kids

Arts & Crafting

sports for nomad kids


music and movement for worldschoolers


nomad kids learning coding and digital skills

Coding & Digital Skills

happy traveling kids playing in nature

Nature & Creative Play

STEM program for kids

Science & Technology

dance and theater classes for worldschoolers

Dance & Theater

health and nutrition education for children

Health & Nutrition

kids acquiring an entrepreneurship mindset


character education for little nomad friends

Character Education

yoga and meditation for kids

Yoga & Meditation

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Find out HOW we learn at Nomadville!


How is our curriculum delivered?

What are our perks?


Small group sizes

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First aid certified


World Languages


Healthy meals


Digital Portal


Parents round table

Life at the Learning Hub

We spread out learning through the day and make it our lifestyle 

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Elementary School  (Age 6-10)  - operating 09 am - 03 pm

SEL & Mindfulness

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Mindfulness: Kids start every day at school with a session of finding their focus. They connect with the group, check in with each other and have a discussion on meaningful subjects that move them.

Core Tools

Kids master core tools and academic concepts (literacy, mathematics, science) using a variety of online and offline materials, inquiry-based learning, individual, group and project work. In between sessions kids take garden breaks to run, play and refresh.

Sports Time

Movement is part of our daily schedule. We exercise every day in a fun way!

Shared Lunch

We enjoy a healthy meal together, relax, have fun and connect as a group.

Parents are welcome to join in. 

Enrichment Programs

Learning world languages, arts, science, music, entrepreneurship, coding or nature walks, we believe diversification is key to make every school day at Nomadville exciting and open kids' minds and hearts for new adventures.

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Field Trips

The whole world is our classroom. We learn about nature in the rain forest, history in a museum and cultures at the local street market and we connect with our host country in many different ways. Field trips are an essential part of our curriculum, where we experience our host country through deep immersion and discovery excursions. 

Lif at School
the world is our classroom - kids learning outside

Our Learning Hub

Our learning center is hosted at the Nomadville Hub. When selecting the premises, we prioritize a building with large indoor and outdoor spaces for Kindergarten and Elementary School kids to learn, play and have fun - together under one roof.


Nomadville organizes the appropriate setup, i.e. interior, equipment, seating arrangements, technology, educational materials, sports gear, toys etc.

While our classroom has no borders and we can learn everywhere in the world, indoors and outdoors, in the rain forest as well as on the bazaar, the Nomadville Hub is our familiar harbor and feel-safe place to learn and grow. A trusted environment to come back to is essential in order to empower kids, develop independence and give them autonomy over their own education process. 

Message from a Founder

Co-founder Julia Lautenbacher


Managing Director

We are currently facing an education renaissance, where HOW to learn has become much more important than WHAT to learn. No one of us knows what the future of our kids will look like. In fact, we are preparing them for jobs and lives that do not even exist today. This requires a forward-thinking redesign of education, setting focus on adaptability, creativity and critical thinking as well as social-emotional balance.

We help nomad kids grow into genuinely happy, mindful world citizens with the knowledge and power to make a difference - offering both education at mind and at heart. 


Nomadville is made for families that are looking for a change-maker curriculum and strong social bonds, whilst living a location-independent life.

School Capacities

Seats are limited. We currently offer the following max. capacities:

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~ Age 6 - 10

Elementary School




~ Age 3-6

It all starts here!

Applications for our 2023/24 season are now open! 

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