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Work with us and travel the world


Position: "Operations Manager"

Start Date: October 2023

Navigate Operations Around the World!

About Nomadville


Nomadville is a community of nomad families with its own travel school, and together we discover 4 breathtaking destinations per year. We offer a turnkey solution for families to enjoy traveling the world with the comfort of consistent socializing opportunities, friendship connections and a change-making education system that travels along with them.

We are currently seeking a dynamic, competent and resilient organisation hero to join our team as Operations Manager.

The position:


As the Operations Manager you will embark an extraordinary adventure to travel the world and ensure the smooth operation of our community and its services. With a focus on supporting our members and managing the logistical aspects of our travel destinations, you will collaborate closely with the Nomadville leadership to provide a seamless experience for our community and our travel school. From researching practical information about our destinations to problem-solving unforeseen complications, your diverse responsibilities will contribute to the success of our community.   

The ideal candidate:

As our Operations Manager, you should demonstrate:

  • Min. 2 years of experience in operations management, event management or a similar role, with a track record of successfully managing logistics, problem-solving, and ensuring the smooth roll-out of projects in dynamic environments

  • Strong project management skills and familiarity with relevant tools to effectively plan, execute, and oversee operational tasks

  • Self-motivation and ability to work independently, taking initiative and being a self-starter

  • Creative problem-solving skills to swiftly address unforeseen challenges in unfamiliar territories, overcoming language and cultural barriers

  • High cultural competency and the ability to navigate stressful situations with comfort and ease across diverse cultures

  • Confidence in negotiations and good closing skills, e.g. for closing group buying deals for our community

  • Excellent researching skills, e.g. for travel destinations, local partners, etc. and travel planning skil

  • Passion for traveling and exploring new cultures and perspectives

  • Strong teamwork skills to collaborate effectively with the leadership and other team members

  • Proficiency in remote working and excellent written communication skills. Experience with remote collaboration tools such as Trello, Google Docs, and Zoom is highly desirable

  • Very good English skills (business fluent in writing and speaking). Fluency in additional languages, especially German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, or Arabic, is advantageous

  • Physical fitness and strength to perform physically demanding tasks, e.g. during relocation or other logistical activities

  • Mental resilience and adaptability to handle emergency situations in unfamiliar territories. The ability to remain composed and resilient in challenging circumstances is crucial

  • A friendly and sociable personality, enjoying interactions with community members, socializing at events, and demonstrating care for the traveling families

  • Public speaking skills/ ease to speak in front of people, as you may occasionally represent the leadership and address the community at events, gatherings, and parties

  • Professional and ambitious, while being positive with an easy-going laid-back attitude


  • Conducting research and compiling practical information about upcoming destinations and relevant resources for community members

  • Exploring potential venues for our community hub in new destinations, including scouting and making necessary arrangements prior to the community's arrival

  • Researching and establishing partnerships with local activity and service providers to secure group rebates and enrich the community's free time experiences

  • Managing our communication channels and social media accounts 

  • Preparing and delivering the community program on location, including organizing community events and activities 

  • Troubleshooting and problem-solving to ensure the smooth operation of the community hub and the travel school, including purchasing necessary equipment and coordinating deliveries

  • Responding swiftly to emergencies, resolving unforeseen complications, and finding effective solutions, such as accidents, issues with authorities, lockdowns, or security concerns

  • Assisting and supporting the managing directors in their absence, serving as their deputy for operational activities



  • Start date: October 2023


What you gain:

  • Competitive salary - in line with industrialized countries’ standards

  • Unique and rewarding opportunity to travel the world, immerse into diverse cultures and explore unknown territories

  • A work environment that promotes independence and flexibility

  • The opportunity to collaborate closely with the leadership and contribute to the success and growth of the community

  • Membership in our vibrant travel community, including all associated perks


If you are a resourceful, proactive, and dynamic self-starter who shares our values and thrives in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment, we invite you to apply for the 'Operations Manager' role and embark on the journey of a lifetime!

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